Cool Smoke Boxed Collection

$ 30.00

To get you started on your way to backyard bbq victories, I've packaged my favorite sauces and rubs together in one custom boxed collection! Open the lid and you'll find fresh and bold tastes that will make your next meal so good! 

Each thick cardboard custom printed box contains one of each of our signature rubs and sauces.
1 (5.7 oz) shaker Everything Rub
1 (5.7 oz) shaker BBQ Rub
1 (18 oz) jar BBQ Red Sauce
1 (18 oz) jar Spicy BBQ Sauce

Hall of Fame Tip: Always sauce your bbq at the end of cooking...always. 
Home Cook Tip: Pour your sauce or rub in a bowl (when family is around) and tell them you made it.