Cool Smoke Masters Competition BBQ School - Better Half Package (April 26-27, 2019)

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This session of Cool Smoke Competition BBQ School will be held at Tuffy's buddy, Byron Chism's "Butt Ranch" in Mulberry, TN! This school will teach the same basic techniques and recipes as the Competition BBQ School but with an additional 5.5 hours dedicated to explaining Tuffy’s techniques in greater detail and expanding on his philosophy about the competition BBQ circuit. Tuffy will teach the class his personal approach to every possible situation on the competition, including how to make adjustments for weather, and give a behind the scenes look at some of the biggest events in the US. This class will conclude with dinner and a Q&A. Limit 35 students. 

4pm - 9pm on Friday, April 26

Overview Presentation on class topics, prep/organization, etc. (Dinner included.)

7am - 7pm on Saturday, April 27

Saturday Class Day (Gourmet Breakfast, Lunch, and After-Class Social included.) Tuffy will teach his comprehensive approach, for Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket, that have won the biggest contests in the country. The most important element to learn from this class is how to cook better barbecue in any situation. Tuffy will share his methods, strategies and techniques he uses to win on the circuit. This will enhance your knowledge and overall ability to prepare award winning barbecue, whether it is at a contest or in your backyard.

The Cool Smoke Masters Competition BBQ School will cover topics such as:

* Cooking equipment, pits, and tools
* Rubs, injections, sauces, brines & spritzes
* Preparations & Organization, How to Handle Catastrophies
* Techniques & Strategies
* Fire Management, Use of Smoke & Temperatures
* Presentations
* Regional adjustments
* Weather adjustments
* Memphis in May 
* Jack Daniels
* Houston Live Stock and Rodeo Show Barbecue World Championship
* Tenderness & Taste
* Questions & Answers

Lodging Info & Location:

Hampton Inn
110 Redstone Dr.
Fayetteville TN

Best Western 
3021 Thornton Taylor Parkway
Fayetteville TN

The Butt Ranch
301 Kelso - Mulberry Rd
Mulberry TN

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