Cool Smoke Competition BBQ School - Better Half Package (March 16-17, 2018)

$ 1,000.00

For an additional $350 you can bring your spouse. This offer is valid for spouses ONLY! No aunts, dogs, kids, or best friends. Don’t test us, we’ll make you kiss. This package pays for both spouses.
This class will teach all the recipes, tips, and techniques used by pitmaster Tuffy Stone to win some of the most prestigious competition BBQ cook offs in the country. Limit 35 students.


5pm - 9pm on Friday

Overview Presentation on class topics, prep/organization, etc. (Casual dinner included.)

7am - 2:30pm on Saturday

Saturday Class Day (Casual Breakfast/Brunch included.) Tuffy will teach his award winning recipes, prep and cooking techniques for Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket. Tuffy will share his methods, strategies and techniques to enhance your knowledge and overall ability to prepare better barbecue either at home or on the BBQ trail. 

The Cool Smoke Competition BBQ School will cover topics such as:

Cooking equipment, pits, and tools
* Rubs, injections, sauces, brines & spritzes
* Techniques & Strategies
* Fire Management, Use of Smoke & Temperatures
* Tenderness & Taste
* Questions & Answers